Basketball Playbook



Android Studio

Basketball Playbook allows you to create, save and watch basketball strategies/plays with user-friendly controls for FREE!!

Save your plays with inputted title on it and track it on your playlist with recorded date. Watch it via your own playlist with motion or animation. Plan your basketball tactics ahead to discuss with your team and bring home the bacon!! Enjoy!!


  • Create Basketball plays and strategies.
  • Press record button to start recording your strategy or play.
  • Press record button again and it will ask you to save and input any title you want.
  • Drag chips with color coded trails on it while recording.
  • Undo any mistakes your unwanted moves.
  • Track your strategies and plays with image preview from your save and its recorded date.
  • Play whenever you want on your playlist.
  • Watch, Play or Preview it with motion or animation.
  • You can choose or change your desired type of court.
  • All this exciting features are just for FREE!!