Escape or Die



Android Studio
Tile Map Editor
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The premise of “Escape or die!!” is delightfully simple. Your goal is to escape each challenging maze by collecting three crystals to open the gate and enter it safely before the time runs out. Each maze is unique and exciting but wait!! Let’s don’t forget about our vicious enemies who will find and chase our hero back to the start point and reduce its life. Be careful on your hero’s life, when it reaches zero, it will be gameover for you.. Well good thing we can purchase and use power-ups to outsmart them and safely escape throughout each maze.

Enjoy this exciting, challenging and super fun game anywhere you are…


  • 30 Challenging stages
  • Time pressured bonus stages
  • 3 Power-ups:

    • Death Wish = Instantly kill all the enemies and will be revive after a few seconds.
    • Time Freeze = Stops the time for few seconds.
    • Slow = Slow down all the enemies’ movement for few seconds.
  • Power-ups store
  • Character selection
  • Semi-transparent Analog controller
  • Smooth movements
  • Earn free coins via tapjoy
  • Leaderboard/Global Highscores
  • Achievements
  • It’s a Free game!!